Academic Work

Recent articles

Villette and the Ends of Interpretation.” Victorian Review. Special Issue: “The Brontës and Critical Interventions in Victorian Studies,” Fall 2016.

“Expectation and ‘Fellow-Feeling’ in George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda.” English Studies, Fall 2016.

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Protagonist,” ELH, Spring 2014

Works in progress

Wilkie Collins, The Dead Alive. Edited edition in contract with Broadview Press.

“Bad Characters: Identity and Superficiality in the Sensation Novel.”

This essay considers how Wilkie Collins’s sensation fiction burlesques realist novels’ depictions of interiority to untether questions of identity from subjectivity. Reading The Woman in White and The Moonstone alongside discussions of speech acts in language philosophy, I suggest that these novels use dialogue and first-person narration to create characters whose identity is a function of their unknowability and insincerity.